#09 – PERSON IN DEEP MUD – 27/05/2020

#09 – PERSON IN DEEP MUD – 27/05/2020

Our volunteers were called out by HM Coastguard at 5.04pm today to Weston beach where a man was reported to be struggling in deep mud a long distance from the shore, having attempted to reach the sea at low tide.

Our Light Of Elizabeth 2 hovercraft was taken by road to Weston where it was launched from the beach and flew out to the man, who was over a half mile from the hard sand. The man was safely moved onboard the hovercraft by Coastguards and flown safely back to the beach where he was checked over by the Coastguards and found to be unharmed.

While the hovercraft was on scene, a family was spotted by Coastguards further along the beach towards the Grand Pier, far out in the mud. Therefore, Coastguards tasked BARB’s crew with flying out to the grateful mum and two children and bringing them back to the safety of the beach.

This was a busy, multi–agency incident in hot conditions that again demonstrated close team working alongside our Coastguard colleagues from Burnham and Weston.

BARB Operations Manager Mike Lowe said: “This is another example of excellent joint working with partner agencies, and testimony to the crews responding in these difficult times. The incident serves as another reminder that people should avoid the mud in our area and enjoy the safety of the hard sand at the top of the beach.”