#13 – REPORT OF ‘CRIES FOR HELP’ – 08/06/2020

#13 – REPORT OF ‘CRIES FOR HELP’ – 08/06/2020

ARB CALL-OUT #13: June 8th

BARB’s volunteer crewmembers were called out at 4.38pm by HM Coastguard to search the tideline near Burnham’s low lighthouse after a report of ‘cries for help’ being heard.

Our hovercrafts were launched from Burnham beach and flew along the sands to the lighthouse where several mud techs from Burnham Coastguard Rescue Team were taken onboard.

Our pilots then conducted a full search of the tideline and were also tasked to investigate several objects seen at the water’s edge – one of which turned out to be a sofa! – and no sign of anyone in difficulty was found.

After conducting a thorough search, our hovercrafts were recovered to the town’s beach and taken back to our seafront station for a full clean and decontamination.

Essential repairs and maintenance work were then carried out by BARB’s dedicated crew, who finally headed home at 10pm after showing amazing team work once again.