#32 – STRANDED CAMPERVAN – 27/12/2020

#32 – STRANDED CAMPERVAN – 27/12/2020

BARB was contacted by Brean’s beach warden at 4.40pm to help a family whose campervan had become stranded at Brean Cove.

Our volunteers headed to the scene in BARB’s trucks, all wearing PPE, after confirming the details with HM Coastguard. The stranded vehicle was near the top of the beach and had become stuck in wet sand and mud following the high tide.

Our crew used a combination of spades, waffle boards and safety equipment to quickly free the vehicle – much to the relief of the family inside, who thanked the team and made a generous donation towards BARB.

Remember if you have concerns for someone or something along the coast, don’t hesitate to dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.